Travel Diaries – Oslo, Norway

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a white Christmas, then I cannot recommend Norway enough. From the moment we landed I felt like I was in a dream. The runway was dusted in a thin layer of snow and all of the houses looked like iced, gingerbread houses. You just don’t get Christmases like that in London! Snow is genuinely a luxury to us and I was in awe the whole trip. I remember having nights in the hotel room, sat by the window reading my book as the snow fell and I have honestly not felt peace like it.

We visited Oslo for the weekend, so we were in and out. I really wish that we had spent more time for there last year because it was so beautiful. By the third day, it was time for us to leave but we were only just getting to grips with everything. It’s a very sleek and peaceful city so I would love to spend more time there. Or to move there. Yes… definitely to move there.

Flights: RyanAir
Accommodation: Clarion Collection Hotel Bastion
Recommendations: Ski museum in Holmenkollen and Christmas market!

RyanAir has got to be the worst airline I have ever flown with. Not that any of you will be surprised – nobody flies with RyanAir for their quality, do they? If you don’t mind feeling like your seats are rattling around a metal can while you fly, then it’s the perfect affordable airline for you. Also, if you don’t mind delays with not much information, then go ahead. I’m not even being sarcastic when I say that I loved Oslo so much, that when our flight home got delayed, I was hoping that it would just get cancelled instead. So that’s one thing that RyanAir did right!

Top Tips:

Take public transport – The trains in Oslo are so sleek and functional. They’re clean and very comfortable. They all look like the high speed trains that depart from St Pancras. This is refreshing because in London, we have a lot of trains that are crammed and poorly serviced. Norway’s train maps were easy-ish to read and very enjoyable to travel on. There are clear markers for your stop, it’s quiet, air conditioned and it’s such a relaxing journey. Although it can be difficult to navigate at times, it’s definitely worth trying to come to terms with as it will make your trip a lot easier.

Plan ahead – Because things are slightly more difficult to find, we spent a fair amount of time walking around and looking for things. I would advise planning your routes around the city in advance, including timings. It’s too cold to be walking around aimlessly!

Take extra layers – This may sound like an obvious one, but I found myself in a mad dash looking for a warm coat the night before my flight. Please do not underestimate how cold it is. The snow is biting, honestly! Take a thick padded parka, with a hood and definitely bring some gloves. But if you’re looking for a free setting spray for your make-up, then the cold weather is just that. It kept mine on all day!

Fussy eaters… – If you’re a fussy eater like me, then think about bringing a few snacks with you where you can. Our hotel provided dinner and breakfast but fussy old me ended up at Subway down the road anyway. They were serving lots of different meats and potatoes. Very simple food but maybe a little too adventurous for my palette, so just be mindful of this.

Be prepared to spend money – Oslo is expensive! They don’t live like that for cheap, with all their nice trains and beautiful stations and lovely houses. You will spend money. But, the good thing is that you can find flights over there relatively cheap. Scroll up to read my thoughts on RyainAir if you haven’t already.

Get yourself over to Holmenkollen – The most gorgeous part of Norway and just a train journey away from the city centre. Up on the ski slope here, you get the most beautiful views of the whole, snow dusted city and I’m yet to see views that rival it. Honestly, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it now!

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