Why I value exercise and my fitness journey

Over the last few years, exercise has become an essential part of my weekly routine. I am acutely aware of the differences in how I feel when I do and don’t exercise and I make the conscious effort to exercise outside of the house at least two times a week. Now this may not sound like much to some people, but as a minimum, I think it’s quite manageable for me. Finding a routine that is manageable for you is key when it comes to exercise, otherwise you won’t be consistent.

Exercising is important to me because it makes me feel good inside and out. I’m more confident in the way I look when I exercise and I feel stronger, more motivated and I have lots of energy after I work out. When I’ve smashed a good session at the gym or in a gym class (which I have only recently started attending), I feel eager to push my body even further. I want to eat better, I want to try new exercises and I want to start seeing results.

I am the kind of person who finds something they can’t do and decides to learn how to do it. So recently, I’ve started going to classes on ClassPass, which you will know about already if you have read my previous fitness post. There are lots of challenging classes out there and there’s one that I have been going to on Wednesday nights for a couple of weeks now. It’s a lower body and core strength training class that really pushes me to my limits. Last week we had to do 3 circuits, with 3 different exercises and 3 sets of each. I can honestly say that I was dying by the end of the class. I felt physically sick – that’s how much it pushed me. But, as soon as I had gulped some water and taken a breather, I was fine and I walked home (in pain, yes) thinking about how eager I am to go back next week and do even better.

I think that’s the key thing I love about exercising – finding an exercise that you can’t do and practising over and over until you can do it. There was a point where I couldn’t do lying leg drops, I couldn’t plank, I couldn’t do v-sit pull ups, for example. Now, I can. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I haven’t eaten very well or I’m really tired and I struggle through my reps. But there is a huge difference between giving up and pushing through as you feel your body get stronger.

I am on a kind of progressive fitness journey. I just want to be toned, fit and healthy. I don’t want to have huge muscles or drop down to a specific size. I just want to feel fit, build a little bit of muscle and keep my body healthy. When you’re doing good things for your body, trust me, it becomes addictive. That’s why I continue to make the effort to exercise.

So if you haven’t started a fitness journey yet, then don’t bother waiting until 2020 – I can already hear the same old new years resolutions echoing in my head. Start now! Nothing is stopping you from going onto YouTube and following a workout – I have a list of my favourite fitness influencers in this blog post if you want to try out their workouts. I promise you won’t regret it!

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