Reduce your waste this Christmas

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It’s Christmas Eve! No, this is not your usual Christmas Eve post, where I give out last minute gift ideas or tell you how much I love Christmas. In typical me fashion, my brain is ticking away thinking about how much paper and plastic is going to be wasted tomorrow. *queue the eye-rolling*

If you’re wondering why I am concerned about the packaging waste this Christmas, it’s because a lot of it ends up in landfills and does not break down quickly or does not break down at all. The average household will get through four rolls of wrapping paper. UK consumers will use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year. 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will be thrown out rather than recycled.

I’m conscious of making this post as short as possible as I don’t want to bore people, but it would be great if we thought more about how we can recycle and re-use packaging this Christmas. So, here are five quick tips for things you can do to help the environment this Christmas.

1. Save your wrapping paper and re-use it next year! Very simple, very easy, very quick. Or, buy recycled wrapping paper. It’s only going to get torn to shreds anyway!

2. Cut out the pattern on your Christmas cards and use them as gift tags next year.

3. Take re-usable shopping bags with you if you are going shopping on Boxing Day! A canvas tote or shopper would be perfect for this.

4. If you have a real Christmas tree, find out how you can recycle it – usually with your local council. They can usually get shredded and used as compost for planting new trees or chipping for covering pathways.

5. We all love unwrapping a present, but gift bags can be re-used. If you don’t want to re-use your wrapping paper next year, then shred it and use it as lining in your gift bags instead.

Hope everybody has a lovely Christmas!

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